Jim Coyle

Jim Coyle is guitar and bass playing singer songwriter , gig dog and teacher. He is based in the Boston area and for the last few decades has been playing , writing and recording music that contains elements of Blues, Swing, Irish, Roots Rock, Power Twang, Beer Jazz , Traditional Folk, and "Other Stuff". He played guitar with Boston legend DJ Hazard, world and roots music with Border Patrol , and New Orleans music with Mickey Bones, before joining superb R.I. songwriter /rocker Mark Cutlers band.In 2001 he shifted gears a bit and took the bass job in the extremely busy and popular Boston Irish band Sundays Well, and a few thousand gigs later currently works mostly with Sneaky Pint ( original and trad swing,2 steps and early rock and roll) and the Wooden Planks ( Irish ,Folk,and Bluegrass,Rock, etc.), among others. He is a very good whiffle ball player and enjoys vacuuming sometimes. His penmanship is above average. You're going to have to take his word on this one. He is happy that you are here.